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Prep stage is when you clearly decide the actions you will take to have a successful RCA submission, Setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals ahead of time is useful and will help in avoiding unnecessary stress . 
With thousands of blogs, links and resources online, knowing where to start can bring a load of stress- worry Not ! 
We have put together pointers that can help you 

Read below: 

Study Goals

Be clear on what you want to achieve at the end of your set study schedule 

Create an action plan that can  help you to determine the tasks that are important for the submission.
Think through the steps you need to take 
Clear goals can make it easier to help you realise your submission goals. 


These are those sweet-spots that you need to help you grow your RCA stamina- tasks that you need to do that help you become more effective 

You can enhance the quality of your submission at  the intersection of your strengths and exam requirements.


Review Prep Links

Listen to something useful 


There are many pitfalls alone the RCA Journey that one should avoid.   knowing pain points ahead of time creates learning  opportunities.

These pointer will that help you avoid such deadly traps 

Pain points are those daily challenges you encounter in you RCA submission journey.

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