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Boost your exam preparation 

 Gain access to guided plans, email support, and live coaching to that improves your chances to pass your professional studies ... 

 Add more muscle to your study plan and improve your chances to pass ... 

Make you ourney smooth sailing .... 

Pro pack has one sessions but you can book more- review plans below and subscribe. 

Online resources

There is a plethora of links and websites and sometimes choosing the wheat from the chaff can bit confusing. Click here for relevant free online content .

Free resources available to all users. 


Get invited to free webinars - when the are announced 

 Get invitations to online events when available

Email Support

Get email support for your RCA prep. 

Available only with Pro pack. Email support allows you to get answers to RCA questions

 Video & Media

Click here to access videos which give useful tips, There are free and premium videos are available

Available on all plans subscribe to get great discounts on premium media

Tips, insights & motivations 

These prompts will guide you so and help you stay on track with your RCA. These will be sent to your registered email 

Available with all plans via email

Book role play

Book roleplay with a patient actor and get customised feedback. 

 Basic and Pro subscription have one role play included. You can book individual sessions  

Guided Plan

Make use of this guided plan to help you organise your study

Available on Pro Pack Only

Easy Boost

Add more power to your preparation and get exciting discounts

Add roleplay and mentor sessions to boost your confidence

Review flexible plans below and select the one that is best for your GP-RCA preparation 

 You can also add more muscle to your plan and improve your chances to pass ... 

Access per month
Study resources
Tips, insights and daily motivations
Video library
1 Role play
1 Role Play Feedback
Guided Plan with study prompts
Email Support
Access to Mentor (1Hr)
Buy now
Get free

 See how the Guided Study Plan works 

Ideal for those candidates who are getting started and are still testing the waters with plenty time to figure out their path to passing the RCA. This is a great pack that savings time and gives tips, insight and directs users to useful online resource.  

Get Free

Useful to candidates need more guided approach. Prospective GP's are faced with very busy days and a many other responsibilities. This pack will help you stay on track of passing the RCA.

What you get for your investment:

All the offering in the free pack

RCA Pitfalls To Avoid

RCA Case Selection

RCA Demo Marking

RCA Consultation Technique Refined

Simulated RCA consultations based on previous submissions

Accredited CSA Role Players

Access to Mentor RCA Consults 

Access to Mentor RCA Marking Webinar 

Buy Now

This pack is popular with prospective GP's who want to comprehensively prepare for the RCA. Whether you are just beginning or you are close to your submission deadline, this pack is designed to provide a more personalised solution that helps you improve your chances to pass. 

What you get for your investment:

All the offering in the free pack

All the offering in the Advanced pack

Email support

Access to Mentor RCA Consults ( 1Hr)

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Coach Sessions

Boast your conidence with more mentor sessions where you get personal tips and  feedback that will help you prepare for the RCA 

Starting from £120.00/Hour for non-members.

Members log in to get special discounts 

Book Now

Roleplay & feedback

Additional role plays give you an opportunity to polish up on rusty areas  through practise feedback and the feedback you get 

Starting from £60.00/ per session non-members.

Members log in to get special discounts 

Book Now

Video access 

Discover free and and paid videos that will help you adequately prepare for your submissions starts at basic 

Price range £0 -£9.99

View Videos
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